Maxwell Escuela de Inmersion en Espanol

Maxwell Mission Statement

Maxwell Escuela de Inmersión en Español is a learning community committed to: equity, proficiency for all, and Spanish language acquisition empowering students for success in a global society.

Nuestra Misión

Maxwell Elementary, Escuela de Inmersión en Español, es una comunidad de aprendizaje comprometida con la igualdad, la competencia académica para todos y la adquisición de la lengua española con el fin de que sus alumnos tengan éxito en una sociedad global.

Are you considering the Maxwell Spanish Immersion Magnet for your Kindergarten or first-grade child next year? If you have ANY questions about the school, Spanish immersion, the magnet application process, etc., or if you would like to set up an appointment to visit the school, please call the school. (381-3516)

For contact information at IAKSS, contact the Magnet Office at 381-4741.


Maxwell Elementary School was built in 1903, on land which included a spring known as Maxwell’s Spring. The school was named for John Maxwell, one of the founders of Lexington. In 1971, the original building was torn down and a new school was built on the same site.

Maxwell Elementary-Escuela de Inmersión en Español is a partial immersion model. One-half of the school day is spent in the target language (Spanish), and one-half of the school day in English. Instruction of Social Studies is integrated through language arts/reading instruction in both Spanish and English. Math concepts also are integrated into the other content-area subjects for additional reinforcement. The curriculum is developed to meet the needs of the students. This school is open to incoming second year primary students (6-year-olds).

There are four goals of the Partial Immersion Program

  • Functional proficiency in the second language, children are able to communicate in the target language on topics appropriate to their age level,
  • Mastery of subject-content material of the district curriculum,
  • Cross-cultural understanding, and
  • Achievement in English language arts comparable to or surpassing achievement of students in English-only programs.

The program continues at Bryan Station Traditional Magnet School in grades 6th through 8th and High School at Bryan Station High in 9th grade. Courses offered in Spanish are language arts, science, and math. All other courses are offered in English, including a language arts/English class. French also is a required subject for students in the middle school program.

Academic Programs: Language, Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, Handwriting, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Art, Music. Band and Orchestra.

Other Programs: Gifted/Talented, ESP, ESS (Extended School Services), STLP, Academic Team

KERA Implementation: Primary Program, KERA Professional Development, School-Based Decision Making, Technology Committee, Portfolios in Primary and Intermediate, CATS, and Computer Network.

School Information

School Start Times

School doors will open at 7:15 A.M. each morning. Classes are scheduled to begin at 7:45 A.M. Students who arrive later than 7:45 A.M. must report to the office for a tardy slip.

We have full day Kindergarten from 7:45 a.m. to 2:35 p.m

Drop Off Procedures  

Students may be dropped off in front of the school. Parents are not to leave cars unattended. Stops should be as short as possible. Students should be ready to exit as soon as the car reaches the curb. Reasonable caution should always be exercised when entering and exiting a car. Parents should be prepared to pull away from the curb as soon as their children are a safe distance from the car, and providing traffic allows. Parents must not walk their children to the door, or sit and wait until their children have disappeared from sight. If this is your desire, then you must park somewhere other than in front of the building and walk your child to school.  


See also Cafeteria Information.

Feel free to come and have lunch with your child’s class but remember to sign in at the office first. Also please understand that Fast Food Meals are not allowed in the cafeteria.

Car Rider Dismissals

This dismissal plan was developed for our children’s safety, please adhere to parking/pick-up instructions

No car rider will be dismissed from the front of the school. All children must wait in the gym to be picked up between 2:35 and 2:45 by an adult, on the list we have on file at school.

Emergency Procedures

The safety and welfare of students and staff are our highest priority at Maxwell Elementary School. We practice safety drills throughout the year to help our students know what to do in an emergency. However, a crisis can happen at any time, anywhere.  Effective and safe schools are well prepared for any potential crisis.  If a situation should arise that would necessitate the evacuation of our building please follow the guidelines below:


You are urged not to call or go to the schools during an emergency. If an evacuation is recommended while classes are in session, students will be sent to our designated host outside the emergency-planning zone. This will serve as the student pick-up point where you can take custody of your children.

Maxwell Elementary students and staff will evacuate to WOODLAND CHRISTIAN CHURCH, located at 530 East High Street.  Phone # 859-266-3416

ESP After-School Information

ESP information can be found here.

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