Escuela de Inmersión en Español

Incoming Kindergarten Tours

Unfortunately, the weather delay prevented potential incoming families from touring Maxwell this morning. You still have another opportunity to tour our school tomorrow afternoon between 1:15 and 2:00. For those of you who require a morning time we will reschedule our morning tour for Monday, February 2nd between 9 and 10. We wish we could accommodate individual tours but these are the times that allow parents the opportunity to see our classes while having school administration and staff available to guide tours and answer questions.

Winter Weather

In addition to receiving district e-mails and texts, you can access the latest news about snow days and delays at!

Technology Survey

All of Fayette County Schools are participating in a technology survey to give us some insight as to current status and perceived needs. This survey will be given to Teachers, 3rd-5th grade students, and parents. The student survey will be administered at school. If you do not receive our email newsletter and would like to take the survey, please email Mr. Brewer and he will send you the link. All results are anonymous, and the survey should only take 10-15 minutes. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Brewer. Thank you!

When to Keep Your Sick Child Home Guidelines

Thankfully, it seems as though we have turned the corner and have had fewer students absent due to illness last week. If you know your child will be staying home from school, please call the office or e-mail your child’s teacher to avoid receiving a morning call. We have had many questions about guidelines for keeping students home from school. See the recommendations from the Health Department listed below and remember to turn in a note when your child returns. Per district attendance policies, e-mails are not sufficient for excused absence documentation.

  1. Take your child’s temperature. Your child may be sick even if their temperature is normal. A temperature of 100° or over is a sure sign to keep your child home. If you give your child a fever-reducing medication and send him/her to school, the medication will lose its effectiveness before the school day is over. The school will have to call you, and other students may be exposed to the sickness your child is experiencing.

    Keep your child home until fever-free (less than 100º) for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications such as Tylenol or Motrin.
  2. If your child has been vomiting or having diarrhea during the previous night, please keep your child home from school. Consult their doctor if symptoms continue for more than 48 hours or get worse instead of improving.
  3. If your child has a rash that is accompanied by a fever or changes in behavior, please keep your child home and consult your child’s doctor.
  4. Keep your child home if he/she has heavy nasal congestion and/or frequent cough. He/she probably feels miserable, will not learn much, and may be very contagious to others.
  5. If your child is diagnosed with a contagious disease, such as strep throat, your child should be taking antibiotics prescribed by his/her Physician for at least 24 hours before your child returns to school.

It’s often difficult to tell how sick your child really is. If your child stays home and then feels better later, you can always bring him/her to school. Be sure that the school has current telephone numbers to reach you at all times in case your child becomes ill or injured. School is important, but children who are sick need to stay at home.

Maxwell News

Maxwell will be recognized at the FCPS Board Meeting tonight (1/26/2015) for our K-PREP Achievement scores. We are proud of our staff and students for reaching these rigorous state goals while being fully committed to our Immersion Program Goals of biliteracy, bilingualism, and biculturalism.

Magnet Offers

The magnet office sent e-mails and letters to families of incoming kindergarten students last Friday. If you have an incoming kindergartener, make sure to accept your offer and follow the registration directions included in the e-mail. We will begin registering in February.

On the Horizon

January 19th - Schools and Offices are Closed (MLK, Jr. Day)
February 13th - I Love to Read Day (More information to follow)
February 16th - Schools and Offices are Closed (President's Day)

Winter Weather Reminders

We know it’s hard on families when there are changes to the school schedule even though everyone understands that decisions are made with student safety in mind. With our district communication calling and texting system, we do not send out Maxwell messages about school delays. We will send electronic messages and call if school will be dismissed early, however. Here are a few weather related reminders:

  • When school is delayed, staff reports to work using the same delay criteria as students. Make sure not to drop off your child before the building is open, as that is when staff arrives. For a 1 hour delay, the building opens at 8:15. For a 2 hour delay, the building opens at 9:15. Staff is not here to supervise students before then, so students will not be able to enter the building prior to these times.
  • There is no set temperature to determine whether recess will be indoors or outdoors. Teachers determine this based on multiple factors including playground condition, time of recess, and students' attire. Make sure your children come to school with warm coats, hats, and gloves. We like students to have the opportunity for physical activity outside whenever possible.
  • As the temperatures drop everyone seems to become more frustrated with the parking and drop-off limitations. Nearby vendors have shared with the office and our PTA president that they will tow cars that are parked in their lots that do not belong to patrons of their store. Please be aware of this. We would hate for any of our parents' cars to be towed.
  • Make sure to pull all the way down in the car lane. It’s tempting to stop by the front door so your child has a shorter walk, but this backs up traffic and slows the arrival process. This has become more difficult this year with the change to the right lane of Maxwell at Woodland becoming a right-turn-only lane.
  • It helps to have your child in a seat on the right hand side of the car and their backpack ready to go. That enables our monitors to open the door and help your child exit the car quickly. If there is an issue that requires extra time we ask that you pull all the way down to the end of the car line, so other cars can enter the lane.

Mission Statement

Maxwell Escuela de Inmersión en Español is a learning community committed to: equity, proficiency for all, and Spanish language acquisition empowering  students for success in a global society.

Nuestra Misión

Maxwell Elementary, Escuela de Inmersión en Español, es una comunidad de aprendizaje comprometida con la igualdad, la competencia académica para todos y la adquisición de la lengua española con el fin de que sus alumnos tengan éxito en una sociedad global.

ISA Maxwell is proud to be an International Spanish Academy! Click on the icon to learn more about ISA schools.