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Winter Weather Reminders

We know it’s hard on families when there are changes to the school schedule even though everyone understands that decisions are made with student safety in mind. With our district communication calling and texting system, we do not send out Maxwell messages about school delays. We will send electronic messages and call if school will be dismissed early, however. Here are a few weather related reminders:

  • When school is delayed, staff reports to work using the same delay criteria as students. Make sure not to drop off your child before the building is open, as that is when staff arrives. For a 1 hour delay, the building opens at 8:15. For a 2 hour delay, the building opens at 9:15. Staff is not here to supervise students before then, so students will not be able to enter the building prior to these times.
  • There is no set temperature to determine whether recess will be indoors or outdoors. Teachers determine this based on multiple factors including playground condition, time of recess, and students' attire. Make sure your children come to school with warm coats, hats, and gloves. We like students to have the opportunity for physical activity outside whenever possible.
  • As the temperatures drop everyone seems to become more frustrated with the parking and drop-off limitations. Nearby vendors have shared with the office and our PTA president that they will tow cars that are parked in their lots that do not belong to patrons of their store. Please be aware of this. We would hate for any of our parents' cars to be towed.
  • Make sure to pull all the way down in the car lane. It’s tempting to stop by the front door so your child has a shorter walk, but this backs up traffic and slows the arrival process. This has become more difficult this year with the change to the right lane of Maxwell at Woodland becoming a right-turn-only lane.
  • It helps to have your child in a seat on the right hand side of the car and their backpack ready to go. That enables our monitors to open the door and help your child exit the car quickly. If there is an issue that requires extra time we ask that you pull all the way down to the end of the car line, so other cars can enter the lane.

Bedtime Story Night (Kindergarten - Second)

Bring your children in their pajamas to Bedtime Story Night at Maxwell, November 20th 6:00- 7:30, where the English and Spanish teachers will share favorite bedtime stories.  You will also enjoy hot chocolate and a snack, as Ms. Bell reads “Goodnight Moon.”  There will also be an opportunity to make a hands-on Literacy Activity to take home.

Adios Hunger Celebration

To recognize students’ participation in our Adios Hunger Food Drive, we will have a school-wide pajama day on Monday, November 24th. First and 5th grade students will have a dance party to celebrate their grade levels bringing the greatest amount of food. Thank you to all who donated.

Fall 2014 Maxwell Community Garden Harvest

Maxwell students grow vegetables, Maxwell teachers grow 21st century learners!  Thank you Ms. Jones, Leadership students, The Juicery and families for celebrating our 1st fall harvest. Click the link to see our harvest photo gallery.

Maxwell Kids in the Community


Artwork created by students in Spanish Culture class and 5th grade will be displayed during the Living Arts and Science Center's "Day of the Dead Festival." Students will be at the event teaching the community how to create “El ojo de dios” and sharing their projects which are part of an “altares” exhibit. Thank you Sra. Arteaga and Sra. Alquicira for your instruction and encouragement which led to our students opportunity to present in this event.

Thank You PTA!

Thank you PTA for organizing our first Weird Science Night.  There was a great turnout and our children had a wonderful evening of learning and fun through hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

Maxwell third-graders keep candidates on hot seat

Savvy third-graders gathered details directly from the source when Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and challenger Anthany Beatty stopped by Maxwell Spanish Immersion Magnet School. The men’s separate Q&A sessions highlighted a class project in which students researched the campaign issues to prepare for writing an opinion piece.  To read the full article:



Mission Statement

Maxwell Escuela de Inmersión en Español is a learning community committed to: equity, proficiency for all, and Spanish language acquisition empowering  students for success in a global society.

Nuestra Misión

Maxwell Elementary, Escuela de Inmersión en Español, es una comunidad de aprendizaje comprometida con la igualdad, la competencia académica para todos y la adquisición de la lengua española con el fin de que sus alumnos tengan éxito en una sociedad global.

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