Escuela de Inmersión en Español

How wonderful to have our first full week of school! The children seemed eager to be back and had exciting tales of what they did over the three-day weekend.

FAST Assessment

Today we administered the FAST assessment for the first time. All students who had Instructional Media today (except 4th grade) took the reading and math adaptive assessments. As we shared at Orientation, the District Assessment Committee selected this assessment to replace MAP this year. Linked is a copy of the district letter that outlines the rational for the change to FAST.

The staff at Maxwell is delighted by this change. FAST gives us the opportunity to assess our students quickly and have instant access to National Norms, as well as class, school, and district data. (Here is a sample report.) In addition, we have the ability to screen students using more specific and sensitive measures to have detailed information about mastery of the skills students are learning in Reading and Mathematics. Our instruction will be even more targeted to individual needs this year as we have specific data from FAST to inform instructional decisions. You will learn more about your child’s performance on FAST at your fall parent/teacher conferences. We should be finished assessing nearly all first through fifth grade students at Maxwell by the end of the week.

SBDM Committee Sign-ups

If you are interested in serving on a standing SBDM committee or want more information about SBDM and its committees, please read the attached letter or visit the tab on our web-site. SBDM committee participation is a great way to be involved in the decision-making process at Maxwell. Committees meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at a time determined at the first meeting to increase participation of families. Please complete and return this form to me by September 11th.

Magnet Applications and Magnet Orientation Night

The window for magnet applications is from Aug. 15 to Oct. 7, 2015. All students who will begin Kindergarten in August 2016 should apply. Siblings of Maxwell students still need to complete the on-line application, but sibling preference is weighted during the lottery process. Applications can be found on-line at (or the previous link). 

Maxwell will participate in the upcoming District Programs Information Night which will be held at Henry Clay High School on September 2, 2015. The District Programs Information Night is an event where parents and students are invited to come and learn about all the programs FCPS has to offer. Maxwell will be there as a part of the Immersion Program Team as we are just the first step in the K-12 immersion journey. We will host a Maxwell Information Night in the Spring after the lottery selection, so parents have additional opportunities to hear about our program before accepting a slot.

Open House

Open House is scheduled by each grade level. Your child’s teachers should be sending information. Please plan on attending, as this meeting is where teachers discuss curriculum and instruction.

PTA Partnerships

This year, we are trying to arrange social events for children and their families so parents get to know one another. The first of these events are Playground Play Dates for Primary. These will be casual drop-in events where we will open our playground from 6:00-7:00PM and families at each grade level can meet. PTA will provide popsicles and water. If this is your dinner time, feel free to bring a picnic. Maxwell staff will be there as well to enjoy the event, but we will not be providing supervision. Please plan on staying with your child.

Primary Playground Dates

  • August 25th - Kindergarten
  • September 1st - First Grade
  • September 15th - Second Grade

Please check the PTA Website and read the Cougar Chronicle to stay abreast of PTA events and the support they provide.

Bus Routes

The transportation department has posted bus routes for the 2015-2016 school year. You can access Maxwell's (morning) pick-up and (afternoon) drop-off times and locations here.

Special Program Application

For Gifted & Talented, Magnet, Specialized Academic Schools/Programs and Career & Technical Programs for the 2016-17 School Year.  It is not a first come, first-served system.  Applications may be submitted anytime during the application window (through October 7) and all receive equal consideration. For Assistance, contact the Gifted & Talented Office at (859) 381-4741




Mission Statement

Maxwell Escuela de Inmersión en Español is a learning community committed to: equity, proficiency for all, and Spanish language acquisition empowering  students for success in a global society.

Nuestra Misión

Maxwell Elementary, Escuela de Inmersión en Español, es una comunidad de aprendizaje comprometida con la igualdad, la competencia académica para todos y la adquisición de la lengua española con el fin de que sus alumnos tengan éxito en una sociedad global.

ISA Maxwell is proud to be an International Spanish Academy! Click on the icon to learn more about ISA schools.