Escuela de Inmersión en Español

Adios Hunger

One Maxwell tradition that allows our students the opportunity to help the Lexington Community is our school-wide food drive. God’s Pantry has dropped of 4 bins, and we would like to have all of them filled before they are picked up on November 17th. Please send in canned or boxed goods and talk to your child about how giving shows Empathy and Global Awareness. We are connecting this effort to our 21st Century Learner Initiative. Thank you PTA for organizing this event.


Families love pictures of their children, and a lot of great childhood memories occur at school. Smart phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and when you come to visit for lunch, are on the playground, or on field trips it is tempting to take pictures. We want to remind families that during the school day, or any time Maxwell staff is responsible for students, pictures cannot be taken. Regulations have changed to increase protection for students and parents have the right to determine whether their child’s picture can be made. Please refrain from taking pictures of students in classes, on field trips, or in our cafeteria. On family nights or times when students are being supervised by their parents, picture taking is okay. The assumption is if parents do not want their picture made they will let the photographer know.

At this time teachers are taking pictures of school events to be submitted to the yearbook. They will not submit pictures of students whose parents signed the FERPA Directory Information Opt-out forms. While we all understand that the right to privacy forms exist to protect our vulnerable children, monitoring parents taking pictures will be more intentional this year. The language in this year’s Code of Conduct was more explicit this year, and we appreciate your patience as we smooth out bumps in implementation.

PTA is asking that if families have pictures of their children at school events they submit them directly to PTA. Put PTA website address is You can also register to receive the PTA newsletter electronically thought this site.

Cold and Allergy Season Is Here

As we see more students come to school with stuffy noses, we wanted to send a reminder because some items that you may not consider medicines fall under that category in schools. FCPS policy requires a doctor’s order and medical paperwork filled out in the office by the parent whenever any over-the-counter medication, creams, lotions, drops, etc. need to be administered. Students are not allowed to carry any type of medications or creams in their backpacks.

The Maxwell Monthly

Fifteen fifth grade students have formed a newspaper crew that meets once a week.  They have worked incredibly hard inteviewing classmates, teachers and researching issues relevant to Maxwell and beyond!  Please check out the first issue: The Maxwell Monthly: October.

Reflections 2015 Winners

Congratulations to the winners and participants of this year's Reflections Art Contest! We have truly creative students at Maxwell! First and second place winners will go on to compete in the district competition and will be on display at The Lyric from Nov. 17-20 with a Gallery Hop showing on Nov. 20 from 5-8 pm. Thanks again to the artists and their supportive parents and loved ones!

Principal's Awards
Anjel "Gabe" Katz - photography
Carter Lankford - literature
Luke Majors - literature

Dance Choreography--Primary

  • First Place: Harper Gorham

Dance Choreography--Intermediate

  • First Place: Eliza Mullins


  • First Place: Carter Lankford
  • Second Place: Luke Majors
  • Third Place: Madeline "Rosie" Katz


  • First Place: Avery Hylton

Music Composition--Primary

  • First Place: Noah Jackson

Music Composition--Intermediate

  • First Place: Emerson Farrar
  • Second Place: Avery Padgett


  • First Place: Eva Calder
  • Second Place: Eli Hoffman


  • First Place: Lucille Montague
  • Second Place: Anjel "Gabe" Katz
  • Third Place: Landon Hodge

Visual Arts--Primary

  • First Place: Abigail Osterholm
  • Second Place: Sophie Hoffman
  • Third Place: TIED: Brighton Corbin and Satchel Crosby

Visual Arts--Intermediate

  • First Place: MacKenzie Wallace
  • Second Place: Landon Hodge
  • Third Place: Claire Ewing


Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will be Tuesday, November 17th.




Mission Statement

Maxwell Escuela de Inmersión en Español is a learning community committed to: equity, proficiency for all, and Spanish language acquisition empowering  students for success in a global society.

Nuestra Misión

Maxwell Elementary, Escuela de Inmersión en Español, es una comunidad de aprendizaje comprometida con la igualdad, la competencia académica para todos y la adquisición de la lengua española con el fin de que sus alumnos tengan éxito en una sociedad global.

ISA Maxwell is proud to be an International Spanish Academy! Click on the icon to learn more about ISA schools.